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Leena Rose is a Medical Intuitive with a practice in Energy Medicine in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Using a combination of hands on energy work along with guided imagery and explorative dialogue, Leena helps you access your own innate healing ability and wisdom, gaining insight, breaking through old emotional and physical patterns, and coming into a fuller, more complete experience of Self.


“The future of medicine is intuition.”

Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D., PhD”
Pioneer in Pain and Mind/Body Medicine
Founder of the American Holistic Health Association

Leena Rose Miller


The first session with a new client always begins with explorative dialogue to discover issues of concern and to discuss how they might be addressed with Energy Medicine. A safe and nurturing environment is established, allowing the client to feel relaxed and supported during the process.

This is followed by gentle hands-on energy work, intuitive diagnostic procedures, and guided imagery, which assists the client in understanding the origins of the issues present in order to access their own innate healing ability, eventually realizing resolution and moving also towards attaining spiritual growth.

Energy sessions can also be very beneficial in relieving stored trauma and pain in the body.  Each follow up session begins with explorative dialogue to gauge progress and discuss any new issues that may have arisen, followed by healing energy work, accessing a deeper level with each session.


For over 30 years, I have worked with numerous medical intuitives and alternative integrative medical practitioners.

I have never encountered an complimentary medical practitioner who is more skilled, or has greater personal integrity when it comes to her work than Leena. She has clear energy, is grounded as person and a collaborative medical practitioner, and the way she speaks about her work and a client’s situation is nurturing, non-threatening and comprehensive for the lay person.

Leena has a quality of kindness and deep care that allows a new client to trust her right away. She is respectful and honoring of each client’s belief system and the needs and rhythm of each person’s energy body and physiology.

I have not met a more thoughtful, gentle or gifted integrative and collaborative practitioner. Leena’s ability to see into the middle of medical conditions, mental limitations,

emotional trauma and neurological and physiological challenges is breathtaking. She has a remarkable gift and highly honed skill at addressing incredibly complex and seemingly impossible to resolve conditions. Her preference to work as part of a team with a client’s other doctors and practitioners enables any client to feel confident that Leena really has the client’s best interest at heart. Her familiarity with the brain, nervous system and Western medicine’s lens allows her to work in tandem with doctors.

I would send anyone to her who was suffering from a challenge that seemed untreatable, who wished for a more refined level of health, or who wanted to have a successful labor or surgical experience.

It is a privilege to be in Leena’s presence. After years of working with every other type of practitioner under the sun, Leena saw and treated what was invisible to everyone else. Without a doubt, she has saved my life.

-J.T., Educational Consultant

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