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Chronic Pain/Conditions

        • Migraines
        • Fibromyalgia
        • Rheumatoid Arthritis
        • Arthritis
        • Injury Recovery
        • Long Haul Covid


Cardiovascular Disease

        • Hypertension
        • Pre & Post procedure/surgery



After struggling with chronic migraines for 22 years, I went to see Leena with very little hope. I had seen every doctor, neurologist and alternative practitioner available to me with very little result. I was living in constant pain and knew that I needed help uncovering the root of my chronic pain in order to achieve long-term relief, as medication was only temporarily relieving the symptoms. A serious injury played a role in my chronic pain condition, but my symptoms were triggered by stress and a very busy lifestyle that was proving unsustainable. With a commitment to a change in my lifestyle, Leena was not only able to provide immediate pain relief, but she was also able to give me the tools and teach me the stress management techniques I needed to make the necessary changes and achieve long-term results. For the first time in 22 years, I feel like I have control over my life and it is finally pain-free.        -JG, Marketing Consultant

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Are you ready to be free?  Whether you are facing a change in your career, a relationship, a move, or dealing with that urge to go to a deeper spiritual level within yourself, Leena can offer support during difficult times of change.  As one client phrased it, “Leena is like a spiritual midwife, my midwife for midlife!”

We all know that midlife, and the accompanying distress, can happen at any age – whether that is at age 17 or 77.  It is that point in life when we become acutely aware that the old way just doesn’t work anymore; we have a sense of something better, healthier, happier, more authentic ahead and just need help navigating that path.

Leena works as your partner, exploring issues that might be in the way of moving forward, helping you to process and release the old, assisting you in identifying any old emotional patterns of pain, grief, fear that still reside in the body, perhaps presenting as physical pain or discomfort. As the old is released, there is a new space within which to create a healthier and happy body and to live from a more authentic place.



I went to Leena during the most difficult period of my life. I was experiencing chronic pain and was grappling with severe depression and anxiety. As a result, my marriage was suffering and so were my two young children. My life was about to fall apart and after years of therapy and medication, I was about to lose any hope of recovery.

Leena’s amazing gift of intuition combined with her gentle energy medicine and life coaching approach allowed me to make connections between past traumas and current suffering. She has taught me the art of self forgiveness and self awareness, which has allowed me to shed the guilt, shame and despair that held me hostage for over 20 years. I am now free of mind-numbing medication, my marriage is better than ever and my children are happy and thriving. 

Leena has given me the gift of a happy life.

JLG, Wife, Mother & Business Owner


I met Leena though a meditation community and I was immediately drawn to her loving, nurturing energy.  I knew I was up for a large life transition with the youngest of my three sons leaving for college. To compound things, I was incredibly successful in my career and the highest performer on the team, but was beginning to suffer under very poor management.  I saw a double whammy heading my way. I went to work with Leena and she supported me beautifully and gave me the foundation to trust in myself and the universe which enabled me to “be” with my happiness and grief at the same time. 

I began to get in touch with myself with the new freedom of the empty nest even though it was hard.  My boys were turning into independent young men and were flourishing.  I began to learn to say no to an unhealthy boss /work dynamic and say yes to myself, especially without knowing or having the security of knowing how it might all turn out.  My husband was back in school and in the process of getting certified for a new career.  I was terrified but also very, very unhappy with my career.  So I said yes, by also saying no.

It was a tumultuous time, but ultimately Leena helped me trust myself and the universe. Before I resigned from my job, many opportunities appeared.  The path I took allowed me to dictate my own schedule, work part time and make 40% more than I was making in my last job.  I am now incredibly happy and our family is thriving.
JD, Business Consultant
Charlottesville, Virginia

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Facing surgery can be one of life’s most frightening experiences, for which none of us is prepared or equipped to cope.

Pre- and post-operative or procedure sessions can help ensure an optimal experience before, during and after surgery, enabling the patient  to cope with the enormity of the experience, manage pain levels and blood loss, and to recover more quickly.

Patients who have added this modality as an adjunct to their medical care have been better able to make requests for their care in the hospital, felt less anxiety, have needed less anesthesia, have had less post-operative edema, pain and bruising, as well as have experienced a speedier recovery than expected.



A victim of domestic violence, and after having previously undergone multiple facial and reconstructive surgeries, the patient enlisted Leena’s support prior to, in the hospital, and immediately after a complicated facial surgery.  She showed a dramatic reduction in swelling, post op pain, bruising and recovery time, evidenced by her plastic surgeon, who was impressed with how quickly the fluid drained, the reduction in edema, and that she had almost no bruising around her eyes, whereas before she had the typical ‘black eyes’ for more than two weeks post op.


In the case of cancer surgeries, the incidence of recurrence or tumor re-growth may also be lessened as core issues have been addressed.

Leena has worked with patients in local hospitals in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, as well as major medical centers including UVA, Duke, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and Johns Hopkins.

The pre- and post-operative service is offered as a package, or as a series of sessions, which include:


  • Explorative dialogue, discussing fears and concerns as well as possible/probable outcomes.
  • Hands-on work for pain management.
  • Guided imagery techniques for stress management, successful outcome and speedy recovery.
  • Support in shifting operating paradigms from “them” to you, empowering you to be pro-active throughout your hospital experience.
  • Creating Positive Expectancy, a night before guided process, in person or by phone, for addressing fears and to help set forth a positive outcome.


  • Hands-on wound healing (energy work can be performed through blankets, bandages, casts, and without actually touching the surgical site).
  • House call, if needed.
  • Support in retuning to normal life patterns and integrating wellness care.
  • Follow up care.

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For the patient who is facing cancer treatment or is recovering from cardiac episodes, energy work can offer significant benefits.  Session work may include:

  • Explorative dialogue and energy work to discover underlying core issues.
  • Exploration of the dynamics of remission and recurrence in relation to healing those core issues.
  • Hands-on energy work and guided imagery to help manage pain.
  • Education and practice of stress and pain management techniques.
  • Empowerment of the patient to be pro-active in their care.
  • Experiencing a diagnosis of cancer (or cardiac incident) as a “Journey to the True Self.”
  • Understanding the type C (or A) personality trait and guidance in both self-expression and self-nurturing.
  • Understanding and addressing relationship issues.
  • Preparation for surgery (see Pre- and Post-Operative Support).
  • Employment of energy medicine and guided imagery techniques before and during chemotherapy and radiation treatments for the cancer patient, or catheterization/angioplasty or other cardiac diagnostic procedures for cardiac patients. Accompaniment to treatment appointments can be arranged if desired.
  • Hospital and home visits as needed.

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Concepts for Conception

Group and/or individual sessions for couples who are trying to conceive.
Using guided imagery, emotional support and hands-on energy work, And Baby Makes Three™ can help couples:

  • Identify and explore emotional blocks
  • Balance hormones
  • Create positive ‘expectancy’
  • Improve communication
  • Create ritual

And Baby Makes Three™ is offered as a package and includes private sessions for the husband and wife individually, explorative dialogue sessions with both, and a powerful, and often transformative, hands-on couple session in a room with two tables offering hands-on energy work with both simultaneously.


SF was in her mid-thirties and watching her biological clock with impending doom.  She and her husband had been trying to conceive for nine years.  They had tried everything — hormones, in-vitro, etc., and had spent tens of thousands of dollars.  A physician sent SF to me to see if I could help determine what might be in the way of their being able to make a baby.

She was a lovely young woman, and they obviously had a strong, loving and healthy relationship, with a yearning to bring a baby into the world together and were very frustrated when all attempts had failed.

During the second session, I put my hands on her belly and noticed a baby!  I asked, “Who is this baby?”’  She burst into sobs.  As a young teen, she had to have an abortion.  Throughout all these years, and all the years of trying to conceive, she had been totally amnesiac about the loss of this child; she was so young and so totally unequipped to deal with having to have an abortion; for her, it was taking a life.  She clearly never forgave herself, and clearly had made the decision, at that moment, that she never deserved to be a mother.

We were able to connect with the baby and the experience, and she was able to process the enormity of the pain, which her psyche was too overwhelmed and too immature to deal with at the time, and then to come to a place of forgiving herself, and making peace with the baby and herself. She canceled her third appointment with the news that she was pregnant.



Thank you! I am so grateful to you for the work we did as I know it made my birth experience a brave and relatively easy one.   -KS


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Leena Rose has helped many health care and wellness practitioners expand their spiritual awareness and to include energy healing and intuitive diagnosis as part of their practice. Doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and body workers are finding energy healing very synergistic with their existing wellness and healing modalities. Leena teaches and mentors in both individual and group settings.

Leena Offers Education in:

  • Stress Management for individuals and groups, custom designed for each individual’s condition and temperament or the group’s focus, i.e. hypertension.
  • Energy Work, guided imagery, and customized techniques for stress management.
  • Customized meditations for specific medical conditions are often taught, for example for lowering blood pressure, relieving pain, etc.


Leena Offers Customized Group Classes in:

  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Relaxation Response
  • Managing Hypertension
  • Compassionate Cancer Care – Spiritual & Energetic Cancer Support
  • One Minute for Myself ~ stress management for the health professional after a traumatic incident with a patient
  • To See the Unseen, Intuitive Development for Healthcare Professionals
  • Meditation for children, young adults, adults



“I have found Leena Rose to be a truly gifted healer who is both caring and compassionate. During my first session, Leena was able to target areas of past physical injury and began working to relieve the residual pain and remembered trauma. Her spiritual guidance is also helping me to identify and deal with some emotional issues and I look forward to the continuing journey of spiritual insight.”

D.E., Asheville, NC, Business Owner

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